Vapor Degreasing Alternative

Adapt to Regulatory Changes with State-of-the-Art Aqueous Cleaning Technology

As the EPA evaluates the impact of substances like methylene chloride, perchloroethylene (PCE/PERC), n-Propyl Bromide (NPB), known as 1-bromopropane, and Trichloroethylene (TCE) under the Toxic Substance Controls Act (TSCA), you might be contemplating the future of your manufacturing processes.

To meet regulation and technical challenges, it is time to consider transitioning from traditional solvent cleaning to advanced aqueous cleaning technology and chemistry tailored to meet critical cleaning needs for industries such as aerospace and medical.  That is why Hubbard-Hall has partnered with JAYCO Cleaning Technologies to bring you an innovation that facilitates this transition.


Apply Vacuum Technology in Aqueous Cleaning

Jayco’s MAFAC vacuum assisted rotary basket parts washer includes innovative techniques, such as spray flood, ultrasonics, rotation, and vacuum assisted washing, to ensure thorough cleaning, even in tight spaces.  This technology reduces the surface tension of the cleaning solution and ensures thorough penetration of blind holes and passages for complete cleaning and rinsing.  The vacuum also provides completely dry parts.  Cleaned parts leave the cleaning system at a temperature of (94-95°F), leaving them ready for immediate handling.

MAFAC machines are compact yet powerful.  Their small footprint allows for up to 3 tanks for clean and rinse.

Additionally, they include an oil coalescing system to separate oils from the solution, keeping baths cleaner, longer and extending the cleaning solution bath life which reduces waste.

Match the Cleaner to the Equipment

Hubbard-Hall’s Aquaease® PL 732 complements the mechanical and vacuum attributes of Jayco MAFAC.

This mildly alkaline cleaner leaves no residue when used correctly, is compatible with multiple metal types, is low foaming and a has low boiling point.

Aquaease PL 732 meets Boeing material specifications for designation HMS20-1267/1175 Compound, Flushing.

To learn more, read the product bulletin.


Mastering the Solvent Transition with Rotary Basket Washers & Aqueous Cleaners

Solving the “Not Clean Enough” Dilemma

Aqueous systems, when combined with the right chemistry and equipment, have the potential to match or even surpass the cleaning efficiency of traditional vapor degreasing methods.

Need proof? Let us show you with BConnect™, a technology that rapidly measures cleanliness in surface preparation to ensure consistent quality in post-cleaning application.

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