As one of the nation’s most experienced chemical distributors and manufacturers, Hubbard-Hall reliably handles over 5,000 commodity and specialty chemicals for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Our customers range in size from Fortune 100 OEMs to boutique metal finishers. They may be found making a car or microchips in Tennessee or Taiwan, and most places in between. What they have in common is the demand for an outstanding chemical supplier offering better, safer and faster alternatives.

Industrial and Surface Finishing Chemicals

Industrial Chemicals:

We source, warehouse and distribute commodity – organic, inorganic, liquid and dry – chemicals to manufacturers in New England, New York and New Jersey. We deliver over 90% of orders within this geography the next day.

Surface Finishing Chemicals:

In a larger geography – the rest of the world, in fact – we develop, service and supply our line of specialty chemicals for surface finishing applications. Our line of proprietaries is performance based and includes pretreatment specialties, cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, metal strippers, conversion coatings, phosphates and metal colorants.

Ready to Search?

You can view our listed commodity and specialty chemicals on our Chemicals A- Z page. We can’t list all 5,000 plus chemicals that we distribute, so please ask if you don’t see what you are looking for.

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